Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lesson Learned is now complete!

The last chapter in Lesson Learned is finally written. I struggled trying to settle on an ending that I thought was fitting, but I'm happy with this one. Since it's my first time doing anything remotely close to this I'm probably overly concerned about whether or not my references and foreshadowed plot points are either too obvious and laid on too thick or too buried and undecipherable. Obviously I don't want to give anything away, but pretty much all the developments here at the end are hinted at in other chapters. For a couple weeks here I thought I backed myself into a corner because of the rule that caused traits to not be traded without the original owner present, but writer's block, if it was that bad, is something that can be overcome with patience.

I do hope you enjoy(ed) it! I'll be making a pdf version available soon. According to Office, Lesson Learned took 4700 minutes to write, so that's nice I guess.