Saturday, April 30, 2016


First, I'm sorry things are busy right now, but should calm down in a couple weeks.

I just wanted to post some things about what I've got planned and that I have been doing things to further the cause.

  • I've got the major plot points for the next chapter or two down for Lesson Learned. What's funny is the next two parts are actually where my original ideas started, I just had to work backwards to get to this point. Why so long to write then? I ran into a problem getting the details down with the mother and her place in the story.
  • I had to write a new script - well, had is a strong word for this. A couple posts ago I complained about having to use Mocha for AE because it has the Uber key feature. It basically lets you adjust all anchor points on a mask all at once without having to adjust each individual keyframe. This is a huge pain because Mocha isn't designed to track breasts in a video, but if I track it in AE I don't get Uber Key to create the path needed to reshape the breasts larger. Then last weekend it hit me... just write a script for it! So, I've done just that. It works pretty well and I'm really impressed I got it to work. I'll be releasing it after I test it thoroughly. This should mean I can do video morphs a lot more often.
  • The next thing for the Jiggle and Grow script is to add a "Smashing" option. In the last post (Jeep) I found a clever way to simulate smushing breasts that are on different layers. Adding the concept to the script will be straightforward... the only problem is it's now adding a lot more options onto the Effects panel. It will require 3 more options (Place|Rotation|On/Off). This should let people add more jiggle without worrying about layers crossing over each other where they shouldn't, soon they'll mash together. Down side is it won't add shadows for you and will change the way the script needs to handle multiple masks. (Edit:Oh dear god this was a terrible idea, it's taking forever) Basically after this it'll be at version 2.0
A few people, maybe like 4 or so, have shared some things that they've made with the script, it's nice to see. I realize that I haven't made a full tutorial for it, but once I get the new Smashing feature added in, I'll make a proper video tutorial about what the script can do. This will hopefully lower the initial difficulty wall and maybe we can get that number to like... six. - Heh.


I made this using the script only, no other fancy things or added effects - took about half an hour. Thanks for reading:

Extras | [gif version]

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Oiled up, breasts fill out of the flannel to their max.

Extras | [gif version] [2]

Done without the script because the script can't handle pushing breasts together without overlapping (easily anyway). I eventually found a way to control it using displacement maps and it might make it into the script eventually as it's pretty crafty and looks nice. It probably won't make it in until the script graduates to a plugin though.

Sorry about the slow down of new content, things got real busy there for a bit.