Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dual Center Feature

A new feature has been added to the Jiggle and Grow Script! It now will ask you if you want two centers instead of one.

The first one is the old version when trying to mask out an entire chest, the second is the new version. There is also a new "Avoid Blur" option that just sharpens the image a bit according to how much the smears are smearing and the reshape has gone. If you notice any artifacts around your edges, you'll have to turn off the avoid blur (it's off by default)

I also got rid of the first starting keyframe for the Rate. You can't keyframe it still, but this might alleviate some accidents.

The next thing I want to work on is a bit smarter detection of where to put the smear points. The script still occasionally puts them in spots nobody would want. I have an idea of how to solve it though.

Edit/Update 1/15:
I've added two things to the script: version 1.2! I fixed the issue mentioned above about the smear points over reaching where they should. I've also added another effect that's pretty subtle to add to the wobbliness, it's called Heftiness. The last thing I've added is that there is now a 'hidden' advanced option set inside the composition. The newer features will be added there and will be tuned by default to be very subtle. I moved the "avoid blur" option in there, along with the new "Heftiness" slider. The last thing added is a Gravity Assist dial and slider to help people who want to take gravity into account. It is pointing straight down and is off by default.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Used the script to do a slight expansion, pushing the breasts up and away for one, and down and away for the other.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: /r/nsfw

If you'd like to see what the masks looked like for this: here you go.

The script worked well, nothing overly complicated. The held breast did require shrinking the center size (one of the sliders) down to 75 though. There was a bit of redrawing on this, so it's not like I plopped it into the script and it all worked magically.

I did come up with another feature working on this that will get incorporated into future versions as a checkbox: "Avoid Blur"

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jiggle and Grow Script Release!

For those of you that have After Effects (CC and above) and are willing to try this script out, I think you're going to like it.

It's much easier than the first one (Jiggle & Bounce), and it actually works on a variety of breasts, unlike the second one (Jiggle & Grow beta). This script can do what my jiggle and bounce script did for the most part, so I will be taking those pages down for now, but the files will be archived.

Download link on Google Drive.

It's only one file this time and goes in your After Effects Script folder. (Program Files/Adobe/After Effects/Support Files/Scripts). There is a brief quick start guide over on the Jiggle and Grow Page. The short video below is me running through the process of using the script and then playing with it.

Please give it a try if you get time! I worked really hard to make it easier than the last one and came up with a really odd way to get it to work, I'm kinda proud of it. The script file is the source code, so feel free to open it in your favorite text editor and look through it.

The script is free, but you know, maybe a shoutout wouldn't hurt the first couple times you make something with it.
(Thanks Litch @ begrove! And congrats on the new house!)
I do have plans to upgrade this script (in particular adding the ability to handle two breasts in one mask for clothed breasts), so if you have a feature or something you want to see if I can build, please let me know on the Jiggle and Grow Page and I'll comment whether it can be done.