Friday, November 11, 2016


Extras | [gif version] • Source: Darcie Dolce [Zishy] - [imgur]

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lesson Learned is now complete!

The last chapter in Lesson Learned is finally written. I struggled trying to settle on an ending that I thought was fitting, but I'm happy with this one. Since it's my first time doing anything remotely close to this I'm probably overly concerned about whether or not my references and foreshadowed plot points are either too obvious and laid on too thick or too buried and undecipherable. Obviously I don't want to give anything away, but pretty much all the developments here at the end are hinted at in other chapters. For a couple weeks here I thought I backed myself into a corner because of the rule that caused traits to not be traded without the original owner present, but writer's block, if it was that bad, is something that can be overcome with patience.

I do hope you enjoy(ed) it! I'll be making a pdf version available soon. According to Office, Lesson Learned took 4700 minutes to write, so that's nice I guess.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jiggle & Grow 2.2.2

Version 2.2.2 has been uploaded for anyone to download - What's changed?

  • Simplified Mask generation is now included - script will ask if you want the cutout mask simplified so you don't have to work with lots of anchor points when creating the expansion mask. It will only follow through if there are enough points to work with. Working with the new simplified mask is a lot easier, but the mask won't line up 100%. You are free to add more points if needed.
  • Changed much of the code to compare points differently along the paths instead of basing it on anchor points. This should hopefully, finally, kill the mismatch of anchor points. (Error at line 244)
  • The script tries to auto 'reverse' rotation for you.
  • A new smear point has been added. Instead of having a single center smear point on each breast, there are now two in order to add a bit of wiggle to the movement. Currently very subtle, might get turned up later.
  • Toned down the number of smear points around the edges the script gives. It used to try for around 24-28. Now tries for around 10-20.
This version is much larger than the others, 90kb compared to 130kb. Most of it is the new simplify mask function, which is really cool by the way. It really helps out so you can cutout your image really tight and not have to worry about moving all those points later. You can even add more points to the simplified mask if you need more control, very useful. I spent the day testing it and finding bugs here and there, so I hope I got them all, but I'm not confident based on the number of cases I have to try. If you run into it crashing, please let me know the error and what you were doing, if you can send me the .aep file I can figure it out much quicker. Thank you to those of you that do this, I'm grateful you don't just give up on the script. Main J&G Page


Monday, July 18, 2016

July Update

I am doing things, I promise. Right now I'm working on a large update to the Jiggle and Grow script. The last update left a lot to be desired in terms of actual results. It actually is a slight set back in terms of quality, but as the trade off was less restrictive on the masks. I'm not a fan of that quality drop.

I've been working on getting the script to simplify the mask, meaning you can use a ton of anchor points cutting out the mask without having to move all those points in the next step. The mask you work with when expanding will be a simplified version. Simplifying bezier mask paths isn't exactly easy - it is it's own fancy script 300 lines long.

So what's taking so long if that parts done? The current J&G script relies a ton of comparing two masks... now there's a third. So practically every section of code has to be adjusted and now take into account the 3 masks. Certain sections (SmearPoints, cough cough) are not cooperating and taking forever.

I hope to have it done by the end of the week so I can start on other things.

Update (7/22): Major progress has been made on the script. I'm going to be testing this one pretty heavily to try and find all the errors this time before pushing it out. So far, it's looking good. The simplify mask option is really helpful and caused significant overhaul of the comparison code, so I hope it will work out. There's a couple other goodies I added that will get added to the patch notes.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jiggle & Grow script 2.1

Version 2.1 brings two new things that are reactionary to some errors people were running into.

  • The expansion mask no longer requires the same number of anchor points as the original mask. Quite a few people were running into "Error at line 244", this solves that error. So rejoice in that!
  • How the script selects its smear points is much more accurate now. It rides the bezier curve instead of picking points directly in a line to the next anchor point. Because of the improved accuracy, the script no longer needs to ask you for the number of smear points.
Fixing the first one required me to rework how the Smear Effect Points were calculated because they were based on pairing up the anchor points on the original mask with the expansion mask. Which, if they have a different number of anchor points becomes impossible to calculate. The script had a section in it called 'magic' because it was an absolute nightmare to code and keep straight in my head what it was doing, and that was the section that needed to be redone.
Thankfully I found out bezier curves are actually easy to calculate, so I reworked the Smear Point process to run off of the bezier curve points instead of selecting them in a line. Using this in conjunction with a different way of calculating what is a 'stuck' point gets rid of the need to have the same number of anchor points. Whew! I will say, though, when the number of anchor points do match up, you'll get a better calculation. If they don't match, the script has to guess at certain things, which could lead to some remote cases of error. When in doubt, use the same number of anchor points on the masks.

Things on the to-do list: (in no order of completion)

  • Adding the ability to use the script with a video (keyframes from cutout mask). Will need to build in my UberKey script - which still needs testing.
  • Generate a 'simplified' expansion mask instead of a duplicate now that the number of anchor points don't need to match up.
  • Add highlight/shadow to the bulge that runs across TopClothingLayers.
  • Add dimples to the heftiness effect.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The BeachWater is Magic

Fountain of youth? No, beach of boobs.

Extras | [gif version] [small] • Source: Kendra Roll - Tropical Beach via W4B

I haven't done a video in some time and I wanted to try out my new script that adds an UberKey option to masks... it worked, kinda. It has a flaw somewhere that took forever to fix on the video and I still haven't found the problem in the script. Thankfully this was originally 1080p@60fps, so when I shrank it down it hid most of the errors the script created.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lesson Learned Part 4 - A New Body

A new chapter to Lesson Learned has been added finally!

If you're new to it, this chapter might be a bit confusing, but you could probably read the summary and be fine. This chapter picks up as Katy is just getting home from absorbing the breasts from the lady at the pool. Eager to look, and feel, her new body, Katy rushes upstairs to her room and gets right to work.

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've added a chapter, I wanted to try and get certain things in this one down really well to set up the story for later. There's likely only going to be 2 more chapters until the end of Volume 2. Then that will be all she wrote.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jiggle & Grow Script 2.0 Released

I finished a bit early, but it's finally done!

The script is available for download and has guides/tutorials on the same page. The beginner guide is for people who are just starting out with After Effects and will show you how to use the script to create larger breasts and add some jiggle to them. If this is the first time you're trying out the script, please watch the beginner video all the way through. If you've used the J&G script before, there are a couple changes:

  • Most notable is the ability for the script to run multiple masks on the same layer and running them all at the same time.
  • Top Clothing Layer option - for control over clothing, etc. (Must always be the top mask)
  • Smush option - allows for creation of a line that the breast will hit and won't cross. This can be used for creating cleavage, along arms, or a table I guess.
If you run into any errors, please let me know so I can fix them. Details are important, screenshots help, and the .aep file is super helpful if the error is super random.

Have fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Side Tracked

I almost finished the new chapter of Lesson Learned, then I got pulled into Jiggle & Grow 2.0.

Good news on J&G 2.0 though, I made some serious progress this weekend and all that's left is to fix the now broken "Dual Center Mode". What took so long was changing how everything handled the masks - in order for 'smush' to work all the layers need to be in a single composition. This meant all the masks needed to be put on the same layer at the beginning, very unlike all the previous versions. This creates tons of problems because the script was written to handle 2 masks during a run... whereas now it needs to handle up to 6, without knowing how many were there to begin with.

That being said, some new features found their way in:

  • Smushing: Allows for a line to be created for each breast that will effectively 'smush' the breast on that line. Can be used together so breasts no longer overlap each other when they crossover, they'll smush. Can also be used to have breasts fill on something, such as a table or arm. (Limited to one line per breast)
  • Final Product View: I don't know what to call this, but now when you are adjusting your masks to see how big you want them, you get to see all the masks at once instead of one at a time. Very helpful. And yes, the Smushing line is live as well, so you can see how it will affect your final result.
  • Top Layer Clothing: You can deem the top mask to be considered a clothing layer. This will allow people to create better animations with clothed breasts. All adjustments are made at the same time so people can see what things look like.
  • Improved Smear Points Picking: Just a general improvement to the code that controls the edge of the jiggles. Also now takes into account Top Layer Clothing options.
  • Better warning system: Every once and a while someone does something the script doesn't like or I didn't code to take into account. I've added more warnings and instructions on how to fix the problems so they can't occur in the first place. That doesn't mean it's perfect, but hopefully this will prevent some errors.

Once I finish the script up I'll be revamping the whole J&G pages with better tutorials and examples of what the script's options do.
As a kind of sad note: The smush option is crazy CPU intensive... I live in half res during testing.

Estimated Script Finish: May 25th/26th. (Completed on the 24th)
Estimated Release with revamped pages: May 30th

Saturday, April 30, 2016


First, I'm sorry things are busy right now, but should calm down in a couple weeks.

I just wanted to post some things about what I've got planned and that I have been doing things to further the cause.

  • I've got the major plot points for the next chapter or two down for Lesson Learned. What's funny is the next two parts are actually where my original ideas started, I just had to work backwards to get to this point. Why so long to write then? I ran into a problem getting the details down with the mother and her place in the story.
  • I had to write a new script - well, had is a strong word for this. A couple posts ago I complained about having to use Mocha for AE because it has the Uber key feature. It basically lets you adjust all anchor points on a mask all at once without having to adjust each individual keyframe. This is a huge pain because Mocha isn't designed to track breasts in a video, but if I track it in AE I don't get Uber Key to create the path needed to reshape the breasts larger. Then last weekend it hit me... just write a script for it! So, I've done just that. It works pretty well and I'm really impressed I got it to work. I'll be releasing it after I test it thoroughly. This should mean I can do video morphs a lot more often.
  • The next thing for the Jiggle and Grow script is to add a "Smashing" option. In the last post (Jeep) I found a clever way to simulate smushing breasts that are on different layers. Adding the concept to the script will be straightforward... the only problem is it's now adding a lot more options onto the Effects panel. It will require 3 more options (Place|Rotation|On/Off). This should let people add more jiggle without worrying about layers crossing over each other where they shouldn't, soon they'll mash together. Down side is it won't add shadows for you and will change the way the script needs to handle multiple masks. (Edit:Oh dear god this was a terrible idea, it's taking forever) Basically after this it'll be at version 2.0
A few people, maybe like 4 or so, have shared some things that they've made with the script, it's nice to see. I realize that I haven't made a full tutorial for it, but once I get the new Smashing feature added in, I'll make a proper video tutorial about what the script can do. This will hopefully lower the initial difficulty wall and maybe we can get that number to like... six. - Heh.


I made this using the script only, no other fancy things or added effects - took about half an hour. Thanks for reading:

Extras | [gif version]

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Oiled up, breasts fill out of the flannel to their max.

Extras | [gif version] [2]

Done without the script because the script can't handle pushing breasts together without overlapping (easily anyway). I eventually found a way to control it using displacement maps and it might make it into the script eventually as it's pretty crafty and looks nice. It probably won't make it in until the script graduates to a plugin though.

Sorry about the slow down of new content, things got real busy there for a bit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Short Ride

This isn't the section of the video I had in mind, but went with it anyway.

Extras | [gif version] [small gif] • Source: Alexis Adams in Body On Body - PornPros

I'm not super happy with it, I gave up trying to work with it. I now remember why I stopped doing high motion video morphs as the connection between Mocha and After Effects is... shoddy. That being said, Mocha isn't made for this stuff anyway, so I can't blame it too much. I wish AE had an Uber Key like Mocha does so I would have to use it. The second scene I want to do is much easier to work with and I might be going at it with a different approach... but that's much later after Jiggle and Grow gets to that point.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


There's a lot going on in this one - quite a few small details that when in to make it work out.

Extras | [gif version] [lower fps]

This is a combination of the Jiggle and Grow Script and Re:flex instead of the default Reshape Effect. Then it has about 15 adjustment layers to add things before/after/during the growth and bounces. I was pretty happy with the light and shadows.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Jiggle & Grow Update to 1.4!

Rate is now keyframeable! Yea - that's right, it finally happened! I finally found a way to make it happen.

I realize most people wouldn't be excited about this, even the people who use the script, but I'm super happy about getting this to work!

If you're running the script currently, I'd suggest updating to this one.
If you haven't given it a try and have after effects, this would be the version for you to try!

Why is this such a big deal? Because After Effects doesn't allow you store values from one frame to the next, it also doesn't play nice with recursive functions. This is a problem because of the way sine and cosine work for the bounce part. If you change the rate on frame 10, after effects assumes that current value as what is was the entire time... which leads to very interesting results with the curves running backwards, extra slow suddenly fast, or just stopping. I couldn't think of a way to get around this until now.

Time = Frames * FrameDuration

I don't know what started this, but this little equation lets me control time by knowing the frame and frame rate (duration). The frame rate is set by the user in the composition, but I can control the frames... specifically the frame count. The script adds up the "frames" that have happened and adds weight to them based on the rate at that current frame. It has 2 downsides: It's 8% slower than before and it can only interpret a change of rate as linear changes. Eh, not a bad trade off.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jiggle and Grow Script 1.3

Version 1.3 has been uploaded! In this update there's two changes:

  • Heftiness Adjusted - It's a bit stronger and warps in shape as it moves around. Nothing super noticeable until you crank up the hefty option up to above 60. Which you can now do without it looking ridiculous.
  • Fixed 'Pointy' bounces - I made a mistake coding things and forgot to scale the size of the main smear point(s) off of the growth. This meant that jiggling with no growth things were correct, but as soon as you made things grow, the radius of the smear points never grew in size as well. This caused a pointy look once things were enlarged, and the bigger you went, the more obvious the bug was... my bad.

Above is a comparison of the old (v1.2) and the new (v1.3). Watch the center of the breasts carefully and you'll notice the older one has that pointy bounce look at the end. Shout out to Bluey who in showing me some nice morphs, made me very curious why things weren't doing what I thought they should. Hopefully these adjustments fix things.

The above image was also used in making the overlap tutorial.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hataraku Otona

Took some time off and worked on this every once and awhile.

Extras | [tiny gif] • Source: Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou

Because it's 25 seconds it can't be hosted of gfycat... streamable it is. Also, this CG set isn't available on e-hentai, but it is on ex-hentai. I just wanted to try out Duik 15, but because of the way I cut things out I ended up not being able to use Duik for IK, just for creating 'bones' on the puppet pins. Enjoy!

As a side note, I am starting to consider getting into either the Unreal Engine or Unity for development. To work on what? I don't know, but I think it'd be pretty cool.

If the video ever disappears because of its length/content, find it in the mega (downloads) folder under the name "duikride".

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dual Center Feature

A new feature has been added to the Jiggle and Grow Script! It now will ask you if you want two centers instead of one.

The first one is the old version when trying to mask out an entire chest, the second is the new version. There is also a new "Avoid Blur" option that just sharpens the image a bit according to how much the smears are smearing and the reshape has gone. If you notice any artifacts around your edges, you'll have to turn off the avoid blur (it's off by default)

I also got rid of the first starting keyframe for the Rate. You can't keyframe it still, but this might alleviate some accidents.

The next thing I want to work on is a bit smarter detection of where to put the smear points. The script still occasionally puts them in spots nobody would want. I have an idea of how to solve it though.

Edit/Update 1/15:
I've added two things to the script: version 1.2! I fixed the issue mentioned above about the smear points over reaching where they should. I've also added another effect that's pretty subtle to add to the wobbliness, it's called Heftiness. The last thing I've added is that there is now a 'hidden' advanced option set inside the composition. The newer features will be added there and will be tuned by default to be very subtle. I moved the "avoid blur" option in there, along with the new "Heftiness" slider. The last thing added is a Gravity Assist dial and slider to help people who want to take gravity into account. It is pointing straight down and is off by default.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Used the script to do a slight expansion, pushing the breasts up and away for one, and down and away for the other.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: /r/nsfw

If you'd like to see what the masks looked like for this: here you go.

The script worked well, nothing overly complicated. The held breast did require shrinking the center size (one of the sliders) down to 75 though. There was a bit of redrawing on this, so it's not like I plopped it into the script and it all worked magically.

I did come up with another feature working on this that will get incorporated into future versions as a checkbox: "Avoid Blur"

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jiggle and Grow Script Release!

For those of you that have After Effects (CC and above) and are willing to try this script out, I think you're going to like it.

It's much easier than the first one (Jiggle & Bounce), and it actually works on a variety of breasts, unlike the second one (Jiggle & Grow beta). This script can do what my jiggle and bounce script did for the most part, so I will be taking those pages down for now, but the files will be archived.

Download link on Google Drive.

It's only one file this time and goes in your After Effects Script folder. (Program Files/Adobe/After Effects/Support Files/Scripts). There is a brief quick start guide over on the Jiggle and Grow Page. The short video below is me running through the process of using the script and then playing with it.

Please give it a try if you get time! I worked really hard to make it easier than the last one and came up with a really odd way to get it to work, I'm kinda proud of it. The script file is the source code, so feel free to open it in your favorite text editor and look through it.

The script is free, but you know, maybe a shoutout wouldn't hurt the first couple times you make something with it.
(Thanks Litch @ begrove! And congrats on the new house!)
I do have plans to upgrade this script (in particular adding the ability to handle two breasts in one mask for clothed breasts), so if you have a feature or something you want to see if I can build, please let me know on the Jiggle and Grow Page and I'll comment whether it can be done.