Saturday, December 26, 2015

Down to Business

Napping in that type of outfit can only have one outcome... the outfit should no longer fit.

Extras | [gif] [<2mb gif] [Stationary webm] [Stationary gif] • Source: Bitch na Ano Musume ni Seikatsu Shidou!

I spent a lot longer on this than I originally had, but finishing it kind of became a priority to end the madness. If the moving bothers you, watch the stationary version instead. I can't decide if I like moving the 'camera' or not, but here it looked nicer than not. I didn't use any script, though I probably should have.
I made this as my spidey-sense was tingling: I don't normally check 4chan for things, but I ran across the BE thread and low and behold I was mentioned. Thankfully it wasn't bad or anything, just a mention that I don't really make things anymore because of other things, etc. So, I made this to help out the thread.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Jiggle and Grow Script (beta)

Jiggle and Grow Script has been kicked back to a beta version as I found a critical flaw in its design: it relies on reshape. Why this is a problem is that as things bounce the reshape effect has a cow over where things should go. There wasn't an issue with it when I was testing it because everything I ran it on was a straight frontal picture... throw it a side boob + nipple and things break... badly. Also, it really cannot handle boobs in "clothes".

Because of this I'm not comfortable calling it done, but since it will need to be re-coded entirely, I thought I'd at least put this out there for anyone who wants to try it. It works great on boobs from the front though.

Download Jiggle and Grow (Update: Please download the updated Jiggle and Grow Script instead)

Drop that file into your After Effects Script folder (C:/Programs/Adobe/After Effects version/Scripts/).
Then you can run it in AE: File -> Scripts -> Jiggle and Grow.

Mask off the boob. Run the script. It will duplicate the mask for you.
Run the script again (this will be fixed in later versions). This time, adjust only the new mask to the desired size. Making sure that at least some of the anchor points stay put (usually the ones at the top).
When done, run the script one last time and it will add all the fun stuff.
All you need to do now is keyframe the reshape's percent and it will add jiggle in automatically.

I would consider this beta for people who are familiar with AE or at least in using my other script.

If anyone was really looking forward to this, I apologize, I will try and get the next version out soon. Because I can't use the reshape effect for this now, I'm left with using the puppet tool - which I have no experience working with. I can't use liquify, or run anything off of it, because liquify's displacement map is a custom variable (like Reshape's correspondence points) so nothing can touch them except the user.

Monday, December 14, 2015

What's up (no image)

Sorry for the lack of new content - I've been pretty busy with other things.

I started another project for scripting, but this one will be a bit more automated and easier to use. The goal this time is a Jiggle & Expansion script that will do both things. It won't have as much customization, but should be enough for most people to have fun with.

The goal is to have the person create two masks, then run the script and pretty much be done. The options will be Expansion, Jiggle vs Firm, Bulges or not, and Wiggle. Mathematically it's going to be tough to go after the rate of expansion to apply the jiggle, but I'll figure it out.

I know most people only care when I make something new, which is fine, I'm sorry for not producing more stuff; however, I'm kind of bored with it. It's fun, but not a challenge anymore. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop making things, but I wouldn't expect much from me in terms of new content on a regular basis.  I'd prefer my role going forward in the BE community to just give guidance on how to do things rather than produce content.

tl:dr; I'm not dead, but for most of you I might as well be. lol