Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Red Bra Screen Capture Tutorial

I finally finished remaking the last one and recording it. I don't normally use Premiere to make these, but I tried this time. Everything went smoothly until it decided to eat half the clip for no reason... had to redo a bunch. It's about 13minutes, but in reality it took about 2 hours. Sorry some parts aren't annotated, but if you have a question just ask and I'll try to answer it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Red Bra

Libby outgrows her bra - just a bit though.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Libby Smith (imgbox)

I'm going to redo this one as a tutorial (finished it!), but it'll take some time to accomplish. It's going to be broken into at least 2 parts - using the script + adding a bulge effect on the bounces & adding shadows + adjusting the boobs to things they touch. After finishing the tutorial I want to work on a sequence for attribute theft I found... it'll be interesting to work on.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Second edition of Sharma. I'm a bit more partial to blue anyway, but this time the plan from the beginning was to do the same effect as "Pink" just much larger.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Sharma - Wicked Weasel (imgbox)

The details:

This was at 3000x3000 again, so the details were both awesome and annoying to work with. After the break there's a bit of a breakdown of the effects and how it was done if that's your thing.