Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sharma's bikini starts to overfill -

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Sharma - Wicked Weasel (imgbox)

I would have gone more but keeping all those things aligned was getting extremely complicated. I didn't use the script, as it wasn't designed for this, but it's still got some jiggle in there. Getting the breast to pop in front of the bikini is always a challenge and I still haven't found an easy way to accomplish it. This image was ridiculous in size (3000x3000), so I guess I have a super res version if I wanted to render it out. I have another of Sharma I want to try and work with, same gallery, different bikini. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Advanced Jiggle and Bounce

The final image created for the advanced tutorial for the Jiggle & Bounce script.

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small] • Source: Amber ( - imgur)

Basically just the script and then a reshape effect thrown on for some expansion. 60fps just because we can and it doesn't move, so it stays small in file size. It took longer to upload all the parts and break it into different files and type everything than it did to make the actual morph.