Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jiggle and Bounce Script Released!

On the main navigation (or here) you can find the script I've been working on along with installation instructions and a quick start guide.

Please give me another week or so to get a full tutorial up with examples. (Edit: Tutorial Page is now up) If you run across any bugs, please let me know on that page so I can keep track of them and reply once it's been fixed.

The script is obviously free to use (as in free beer), but I do ask that if you make something with it and share it, please let people know you used this script and point them to it the first couple times you make things with it (no need after the first couple, I mean, I just made the tool, you did the work). Also, maybe leave a comment on that page so I can see what you made, I'd be interested to see what you do with it.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Physics Test 4 & 5

Physics Test 4: Testing out the "no decay" option to keep things just bouncing along.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: ???

Physics Test 5: There's quite a bit going on with the one below. There's no expansion... but kinda sorta. There's 3 jiggle and bounce scripts applied, then other stuff on top. The displacement map effect was still giving me trouble, so this one hopefully fleshed out all the kinks.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Morgan Hultgren (swedishkiller)

I'll keep throwing things at the script until I no longer have to edit it to complete an image. One pretty severe limitation I've run into is the ability to change the type of bounce. Basically you can control the speed and "amount", but not the "stickiness" so to speak.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jiggle and Bounce Test 3

3rd Test... Here I realized there was a problem with the way I coded the displacement map. It was horizontal/vertical only, which is (was) a problem if you set things diagonally.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Yakimochi Stream

Jiggle and Bounce Test 2

2nd Test.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: yukibusterZ

Jiggle and Bounce Test 1

Here are the tests I've been creating from the Jiggle and Bounce AE script. They aren't complete morphs, but simply different angles/positions/ideas to test the script for bugs.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: ???

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Update on Hiatus

Yo! I'm still pretty busy with other things - sorry I haven't had any time to make any new morphs.

What I have been doing though is learning to use expressions in After Effects. To be specific, I made a template for turning Virtual Reality Footage into Cross-Eyed Footage. It's fairly easy to remove distortion on a video, but hard to "look around" after you un-distort it. That's why I started really delving into expressions - they let me create simple tools to do some really complex movements.

Basically I could turn this:


And all I have to do now is drag and drop a video file, then I get to just control where I look, how far to zoom in, and then the depth at which I'm looking. Plus I can interpolate it to 60fps just because. The downside is it takes well over 30 hours to render a 30 minute video...It's not that exciting to look at within AE, but here if you want to see. This scene came from Naughty America's "Be the Boss".

So if that's done, what am I working on now?


I'm working, albeit slowly, on a physics script for AE - specifically for boobs. lol.

Basically my goal is to get it so someone just has to mask out a breast, then run my script, and then they'll get a bunch of sliders to control the breast physics. You can see a picture of the setup sliders/options.

Those settings made this. The Boost feature I think is the most powerful section - basically it's the "Poke" feature to get things to move after the initial jiggle.

The hardest part was getting the jiggle amounts to decay correctly, so thank you math for that (see).

Now I just need to learn ExtendScript to get it into a script people can actually run. The limitation is that this is solely for bounce/jiggle, no expansion. The user has to create a mask around the breast, then move 4 anchor points into position (Top Left, Top Right, Base, and Center Mass.) After that everything is handled in the sliders.

I'm super excited about it. I have no idea how long it'll take to create a script out of it though, hopefully not too long. I have to run it through some tests, other pictures, to see how it handles other viewpoints, but I think for any near frontal shot this would work. If the model is lying on her back, then different effects are needed, so that would need to be a new script (until I get used to ExtendScript anyway).

Once it's done, I'll make a tutorial on how to use it and what the options all do. Then I'll have to make another tutorial on how this would work in conjunction with expansion. Sigh... that's a lot of work that will take a long time. Hopefully by November.

Also, a big "hi" & shout out to those of you who emailed me with well wishes even though I haven't made any new content in a long time, thank you! Always made my day


I actually finished the script tonight (9/17), was a bit easier than I thought it would be. Still confusing, but it works. Now I just need to test it on different pictures and situations. It had to be broken into two files though, a script and an animation preset. I hope people will use it, it's a pretty simple way to get a nice effect.