Friday, May 29, 2015

By the Window

Just a cloudy day that turns into so much more.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Unknown - Photographer: Arkadiy Kozlovskiy

There are 11 layers of shadows to get this to look right, and one highlight as the light reflects across her arm. Normally I don't do this 'shape' of large breasts, but I thought it'd be a nice change. My favorite part is that the breasts actually fill up a bit as they get caught on the arms/hands... so nice.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Viola Pops Out

A combination of a couple images, this one let me expand a bit more than what you can originally see.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Viola O (Met-Art) / Viola Bailey

She has some pretty large areolas to begin with, so making her breasts larger meant I naturally had to make her nipples larger - fun fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Story

Sorry this isn't an image, but I've been working on a story for some time now and I've got 4 parts of it complete. I thought I'd share it to see if it's something worth completing.

Part 1

The overall title is "Lesson, Learned" and will likely have about 10 parts. As of right now it only contains some memory/experience theft, but will contain more things like breast expansion, breast theft, age, and other general attribute swaps.
The story has 3 main characters: Katy, Amber, and Katy's mother Rebecca.

The story is of the adult variety, but I think you could guess that. Most of the action doesn't start until the later chapters, so if that's what you're after you might be a bit let down for the first parts.
Let me know what you think on the LL page.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

3D Naked Ambition

3d bra removal and expansion?! Yes. Native 3d footage? Yeessss.

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Naked Ambition (3D)

This is a cross eyed version. (Non-cross eye below). Full screen if needed, it gets resized a lot to fit below.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Naked Ambition (3D)

If you are a non-cross eye viewer: [webm] and [gif]

I saw a gif of this scene and thought I should do this. Then I found out it was 3d when looking into the source, which is a parody of the Asian porn industry, and found out it was shot in 3d. Editing a 3d video is tricky since it comes as one big file in an odd aspect ratio (hSBS), so you have to force After Effects into using an aspect ratio it doesn't want. I'm practicing 3d just in case some day I get to own an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and start to create these in 3d.

Flower Power

I wanted to try something a bit different in that the whole body would wiggle with the new weight of her chest. I ran into some obstacles, for instance I don't like to use Duick for inverse kinematics... which is just stupid on my part.

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Hanasaki Work Spring!

Timing everything was a pain, but I really like the overall feel. The flower particles were easy and look nice. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Try to watch the eyes and look where they look, it's a bit better that way. Remember, sometimes backing up from the screen can help.
This is a cross-eye stereogram.
Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Change! Ano Musume ni Natte Kunkun Peropero

I made this in response to a 4chan thread on stereograms using and I wanted to see what I could do using After Effects. The source is pretty fun too if you're into body switching.


Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Unknown

I always wanted to do something like this... didn't turn out the way I wanted, but I got fed up with the particles not doing what I wanted. Haven't practiced enough with particular yet I suppose. What made it so frustrating is that the particle emitter only recalculates on a frame, meaning if you are running at 30fps it only recalculates 30 times a second. But! When you have a fast moving emitter, like above, 30 times isn't enough so it comes out in bursts instead of smoothly. To fix this I was working in 120fps... which slowed everything down and ate up my ram and disk cache really fast.

Ghost Whisper

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Bree Daniels and Celeste Star

This might sound kind of stupid, but the most frustrating thing about this is the number of times things cross over each other.

Yarn bras are the best

Yarn is an underrated material, but serving as a top? I'll allow it if it fills out like that.

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Daniella Chavez

Nina D

Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries.
Forward - Full

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Nina Dobrev

Reversed - short (Oh! version)

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Nina Dobrev

This came from a scene from the Vampire Diaries, but I don't know which one anymore. It was one of the newer episodes and it took quite a bit of time for me to find the first time after seeing a different scene from it but I found it somehow. Sorry, kind of lazy on the sources.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Banks in your face

I really liked this angle for awhile. They're really fun and quick.

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Katie Banks

My Lovely Lover

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: My Lovely Lover by Pinkbell

This was really annoying to work on since it's "old". The original was in .flv file, which was using fancy image->movie code in a .swf file. Basically making a gif out of stills, but I couldn't get the stills out of the .flv nor the .swf. Shame it didn't turn out smoother since the original is buttery smooth.
I named this incorrectly the first time I made it as Baku Ane... my bad.

Blue Glasses

Just wanted to do some quicky stuff since at the time, I hadn't done a morph in a couple weeks.

Extras | [gif version][2][small gif] • Source: Unknown

I'm upset at losing the source... all I can find now is other places that host it. I'm 90% sure it was instagram.

Never Happened Before

Edit - The file has been DMCA'd from various sites, so what's left is what's left. Not my fight

Extras | [large gif] [medium gif] [small gif] • Source: Jessica Robbin - Fucked hard 18

If you want to watch it in better quality and with audio:
She says it's never happened before, thus the reason for the title. However, let's be honest... it's happened before.

This one was tough since her breasts moved so much and the stupid towel she's laying on. You probably didn't notice, but that towel moves according to her size. It's not perfect or anything, but it really helps sell the expansion.

Right onto You

Another Stereogram, this time trying to get it a bit closer to where you'd be.

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Julie for FTVgirls

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Julie for FTVgirls

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for hanging in there for all these old posts!

Tinkerbell - The Expansion Fairy

Extras | [gif version] [small gif] • Source: Unknown

Extras | [gif version][small gif] • Source: Unknown

I wanted to try to lean how to use particles. Seriously, I've learned more After Effects things trying to create these things than I think I could have in a class for After Effects. Heh

I had to do a ton of redrawing for this one because of all the shadows disappearing from under their chests. Amazing outcome though as far as their chests growing and shrinking is concerned.


I'm not usually a comic panel person, but this changed my mind.

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Flurty by Doxy

I forget where I saw this originally, but a couple weeks later I still thought that I could do something with it so I went back and grabbed the free version and made this. It was tricky to get all the different animations to appear to loop nicely without them all being on the same loop.

Doxy has a ton of sites, so I'll leave the DeviantArt link here for you to look through his other stuff, it's all pretty good.

In the woods

Here I tried really hard to get the 3d effect to look as nice as possible.

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Lucy Collett(Vixen)

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Lucy Collett(Vixen)

Glowing Expansion

Extras | [gif version] [smaller] • Source: Reminiscence - Tomose Shunsaku

I finally found a way to transition between gameCG images that I kind of liked. The expression could use some work, but I don't have the patience to redraw hair.

Poster Copy (Kim L)

What would happen if you could copy the body of someone you wanted from a poster? This apparently:

Extras | [gif version] [no effects] • Source: Unknown

I started messing with more effects and things... this came from a tutorial on creating fire in After Effects that I just bent around the girl a couple time. The best part about this is the small details... like the mirror. Bet you didn't even notice the reflection... magic. Also, this was actually supposed to be an attribute theft thing, so I'll tag it that way, but I never got around to morphing the poster of Kim to a version where she lost her assets. Sorry. Her face did blend with Kim's though, I did get that done.

Check up goes well

I guess in Japan it's popular for these checkups to take measurements...?
I don't know, but hopefully you can imagine going in for one and the physician admires such a big chest, then says, naw... we need to go bigger.

Extras | [gif version] [2] [small gif] • Source: Honoo no Haramase Motto! Hatsuiku! Shintai Sokutei 2

This gameCG is great... it's got so many iamges that I want to work with... I mean, look at this one: On the scales
They're hard to work with since I have to redraw so much, but they are fantastically fun to imagine.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jiggle Expansion

Extras | [gif version] • Source: ???

Not a cross-eyed stereo.
Extras | [gif version] • Source: ???

I messed the 3d version up for most people. They're on the wrong side... as in it's currently Left_Right, and for the cross eye to work it needs to be Right_Left. Sorry.

Tried to find a source... no luck. It's posted all over the place, but no confirmed name.

Camera Swap

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Olga & Lena Medvedeva

This has a caption from TehSwitcher as well: I like having the caption, not only does it go really well with the picture, it brings something extra to it.

Beach Balance

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard

The worst thing about size theft and breast expansion is that commonly when you make the breasts larger it counters out the height difference... so the breasts appear to stay in the same place.


Extras | [gif version] • Source: Kates Playground Kitchen Strip

This is a cross-eye stereogram.
Extras | [gif version] • Source: Kates Playground Kitchen Strip

Backing up from the screen sometimes helps focus on the 3d effect.
When I went looking for a source when I made this, I never found one. However, when looking for it again for this someone had found it. The picture is actually better and was cropped slightly (cutting off the watermark). The original I think would have turned out better, but I'm not going back to change it.

Anime Bed

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame 2

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame 2

The codename for these was originally "waifu", and then I actually looked up what that was and decided that's not what I thought it was. Context.

Hitomi Loss

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Hitomi Tanaka and Milena Velba

The set is pretty good, too. I'm pretty sure it's from Violin Lessons.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: ???

Google and other reverse image searches keep saying the source is Anna Nyström, but I can't find the picture to support that.

Bandage Toss

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Eternal Affection

I'm sure there's a joke about amumu in there somewhere.

October (Lucina/Samus)

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Artist: Unbarred-sin of Lucina / Samus

This was the first, and only, community request I made before I left reddit.

Sneaky sneaky

Extras | [gif version] • Source: candygirl model? [image]


Extras | [gif version][2] [Story Version] • Source: Nessa and Elisa for lezkiss

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Draining Pinch

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Shione Cooper & Emma Sinclaire (Want a taste?)

This morph was the start of me wanting to switch away from imgur. I don't know what their server's problem was with some of my gifs, but they started to refuse to animate properly.

Pure Expansion

There is audio to this one, it's just muted.

Extras | • Source: Nicole Aniston - Nighttime Romance from

If it fails to load try looking for it in the "Downloads" section above or direct link to streamable. This video disappears so often.

There are quite a few extras for this one so I needed to list them here:

Finding a place that would host this easily was tricky. I don't know what its beef was, but many webm hosts kept rejecting the file. Mediacrush was my host before, but they went down. They have since switched to imgrush and moved all the files over thankfully (now they're down). If this post ever goes down, just find the file in the mega folder.

Right at you

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Megan Salinas

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Surfs up and down

Extras | [gif version][2] [Staged Version] [IB version] • Source: ???

When making this I also rendered this out: because it's fun.

Tanktop gets Tighter

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: ???

Motion in the Ocean

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Gianna Michaels

Lawrence Expands


Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Jennifer Lawrence for Esquire

I don't know what to put here, so... thanks for visiting!


Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Emma Watson

I remember taking this request and trying to complete it as quick as possible. Not because I didn't want to really work it, it was just to see how quickly I could make it. About 3~4 hours if I remember right.

Glow Rider

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Shoubo Seika ~Haitoku no Majiwari~

I liked adding the bounces, but it all the motion was done by hand which is a huge time eater. Also, the recreating the glow around her was pretty annoying. Overall though, very nice.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pink and Black

This was a collaboration with TehSwitcher.

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Unknown

The captioned version can be seen over here. TehSwitcher did a great job with such a quick caption.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Duck Duck

AT Version

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Audrey Bitoni, Memphis Monroe - Brazzers

Just Breast Expansion Version

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source: Audrey Bitoni, Memphis Monroe - Brazzers

Is that happening?

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source Image: ???

Stealing Kiss

Extras | [gif version][2] • Source Image: ???

There are a handful of version of this, but I think this is the best one.

Give it all

Extras | [gif version] [Looped Version] • Source Image: Marie & Anna Song - Rendezvous Set (Nadine-J)

Katy Perry Bounce

Extras | [gif version] [small gif] • Source Image: Katy Perry

This was actually much trickier than it seems. The problem was how to expand her chest when you couldn't see it (but when it's larger you would be able to). Tricky Tricky.

Picnic Swap

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Watch4Beauty - Abby and Maria - Grapes



Extras | [gif version] • Source: Shane Dos Santos

First time I'd done anything like this, I actually liked the way it came out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Here Comes the Drop

Extras | [gif version] • Source: [gif] Angela White

Pretty sure that's the source anyway... could be wrong about that.

Bust them out.

"Do it"

Extras | [gif version] [Cropped Version] • Source Image: Big Bang Theory

Blue everything

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: Photo by Fedor Shmidt

This Fedor Shmidt guy has got to be extremely sought after or extremely handsome. I encourage you to Google his name and look at some of his photography. I kind of feel bad for making this since it ruins the picture.


This one is looped a couple times within one video.

Extras | [Longer/Looped Version] • Source: [Malena Morgan]

Growth in the Sauna

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Mankitsu Happening

It could be an elevator, or office, but I like saunas better. The tricky part was coming up with a way to get the breast in the back to overtake her hand. I think there are better ways to do it now, but it looks alright.

Pool Swap

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???

There are other variations floating around that don't contain the muscle growth / swap, but I'm not sure where they went. Oh well.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Beach Expansion

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Nina Agdal - Sauvage Swimwear Photoshoot 2013

I think this came earlier in the list... oh well.

Kitchen Expansion

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???

It was one of the last requests I did. It's an older pic, but the overall effect is good.

Breast Stealing x3

I made these 3 together, so they'll stay together.

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???


Extras | [gif version] [Other Woman Gains Version] • Source Image: ???

"Magic Hands"

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???

I was trying to spice up the overall effect and tried to mimic what other people were doing, which was moving the camera to go with the morph. I eventually decided I don't typically like the effect, but sometimes it can be used if it's not as messed up as these are. Here the camera twists, zooms, pans, etc. Far too much if you ask me. Also, stripes are annoying to work with.

Boobs Ahoy

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: Lucy C - MetArt

So many nautical jokes could be made here. I'll spare you though.
I think this may have been made earlier than I put it in this posting list - oh well. I remember having to be creative in trying to create breasts that looked both above and below the surface of the water. The rest of the breasts are recreated in photoshop using what could be seen underwater. A fun project.

Onto her Knees

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Sofie - Vineyard Set - Femjoy

A surprisingly good result for the flowing onto her knees.

Tight top gets Tighter

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bouncey Bounce

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: Push!!

There is a small tutorial for this one as well:

Sha Sha Shake

Extras | [gif version] [Looped Version] • Source Image: Sha Rizel - Scoreland's Busty in the Bedroom

The looped version is great too is you'd like to check out that one. (Bottom of the video)
This is the first and currently only morph I've done after seeing someone else do it first. BE Grove did one and at the time I thought that I wanted to see what I could do with it. It may have been a bit of a rude thing to do, but I wanted to compare skill. Both basically came out the same.

Solar Powered Growth


Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: Erica Campbell [Album]

That Orange Dress

The dress is definitely orange, don't care what people say.

Extras | [gif version] • Source: Oh In-Hye

I think this was my best jiggle effect I've ever done. Even got the shadow. I was really impressed with the little gap that slowly gets filled with the growth.


Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: Tori Ehinger

This was created for a tutorial video: